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History of PseudoUridine
Poster Title: History of PseudoUridine
Submitted on 04 Aug 2022
Author(s): Linna Green
Affiliations: BOC Sciences
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Abstract: PseudoUridine is the C5-glycoside isomer of uridine that contains a C-C bond between C1 of the ribose sugar and C5 of uracil, rather than the usual C1-N1 bond found in uridine. The C-C bond supports more rotational freedom and conformational flexibility. In addition,pseudoUridine has an extra hydrogen bond donor at the N1 position, making it the most abundant RNA modification in cellular RNA.Summary: Whereas the existence of has been known for several decadesits contributions to various cellular processes are just beginning to be understood.

Undoubtedly, developments in biology and chemistry ofRNAmodification()will begamechangingin defining an end to the pandemic.
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