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Horizontal Transmission and Integration of NACHT NTPase Genes in the Genome of Early Green Plants
Poster Title: Horizontal Transmission and Integration of NACHT NTPase Genes in the Genome of Early Green Plants
Submitted on 15 Jan 2017
Author(s): Preeti Arya, Vishal Acharya
Affiliations: CSIR-Institute of Himalayan Bioresource Technology, Palampur
This poster was presented at Agrigenomics-2015
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Abstract: The advancement in genome sequencing of early green plant lineages provides valuable data to unveil the phenomenon behind the origin and evolution of genes in the modern flowering plants. Recent findings shows the importance of apoptotic machinery in plant growth and development which were previously known to be absent. Therefore, we employed a genome-wide survey, using stringent computational analysis, of 67 diverse organisms including from archaebacteria, cyanobacteria, fungi, animalia and plantae to revisit the evolutionary history of apoptosis NTPase regulator. In this study, we divulged the presence of NACHT NTPase, an apoptosis regulator, in early green plants (green algae and the lycophyte) which had not been reported previously. Furthermore, we also observed NACHT associated with WD40 repeats at carboxyl-terminus in Chalmydomonas reinhardti, a green algae, reported to be involved in apoptosis signaling cascades. The genome of Selaginella moellendorffii, an extant lycophyte, intriguingly shows the comparative number of both apoptosis regulators (NB-ARC and NACHT) in contrast to a large repertoire of NB-ARC in plants. This presence of NACHT in early green plants raises a quandary for the pervasion of this NACHT apoptosis NTPase regulator with the apparent horizontal gene transfer from cyanobacteria. Summary: Horizontal Transmission and Integration of NACHT NTPase Genes in the Genome of Early Green PlantsReport abuse »
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