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How Can Proteomics Contribute to Microbial Research?
Poster Title: How Can Proteomics Contribute to Microbial Research?
Submitted on 25 Aug 2020
Author(s): Creative Proteomics
Affiliations: Creative Proteomics
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Abstract: Proteomics was originally defined as a functional genomics approach that allows the study of protein expression pattern in an organism and the construction of a protein map of all proteins expressed by an organism growing under certain conditions. It is currently used not only to obtain protein catalogues giving important information about protein structure and activities in a microbial community, but also to compare protein contents in two different ecosystems by using quantitative proteomics, or to complement or correct genomic data. Summary: Microorganisms such as bacteria, actinomycetes, and fungi are ubiquitous on our planet. They are widely distributed in soil, water, human body and other environments. Microorganisms and their activities are of great importance to biogeochemical cycles and to all biological systems. References: abuse »
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