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How to Identify Microorganisms Quickly and Accurately?
Poster Title: How to Identify Microorganisms Quickly and Accurately?
Submitted on 27 Jul 2020
Author(s): CD Genomics
Affiliations: CD Genomics
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Poster Information
Abstract: This infographic contains the principle and characteristic comparison of the most frequently used microbial identification techniques, including NGS-based microbial identification, MicroSEQ microbial identification, multi-locus sequence typing, and rep-PCR profiling.Summary: Microbial resources provide us with massive possibilities in many fields, yet most types of microbes remain unknown and the microbial diversity not fully recognized. Advancement in recently technologies, especially those based on molecular biology, is allowing the identification of microorganisms rapidly and accurately, helping accelerate the research progress and facilitate innovation and discovery.References: abuse »
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