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Hygroscopicity Evaluation
Poster Title: Hygroscopicity Evaluation
Submitted on 03 Jul 2021
Author(s): Helen Smith
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Abstract: Therefore, the hygroscopicity needs to be evaluated during the drug development process to optimize the formulation parameters, manufacturing process and determine the storage conditions of the drug substance or final product. In recent years, hygroscopicity has become one of the most important criteria for selecting solid drug forms for development.Summary: Determining the hygroscopicity is very important for selecting the most suitable solid form of the drug for development. References: Newman A W, Reutzel‐Edens S M, Zografi G. Characterization of the "Hygroscopic" Properties of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients[J]. Journal of pharmaceutical sciences, 2008, 97(3): 1047-1059.

Allada R. Hygroscopicity Categorization of Pharmaceutical Solids by Gravimetric Sorption Analysis: A Systematic Approach[J]. Asian Journal of Pharmaceutics (AJP): Free Full Text Articles from Asian J Pharm, 2016, 10(04).
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