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Immunity Buster Herbal Plant: During Covid-19 Pandemic
Poster Title: Immunity Buster Herbal Plant: During Covid-19 Pandemic
Submitted on 07 Aug 2021
Author(s): Saurav Suryavanshi
Affiliations: Rajasthan University of Health Sciences Jaipur
This poster was presented at Mahatma Gandhi College of Pharmaceutical Sciences Jaipur
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Poster Information
Abstract: Novel corona virus created a
very harmful and hazardous health
problems worldwide. Medical research
network around the world is trying to find
out treatment against the novel corona
virus infection. In this situation, there is a
need for herbal remedies to boost the
immunity to fight against the corona virus.
Herbal drug system have described
several herbal drugs which are used as
different home remedies and are
assumed to be effective against corona
and effective in boosting health immunity.
Home remedies can be played a vital
role as immunity modulator. That’s way in
this present study, an challenge is made
to review such herbal remedies and
identify its immuno modulator effect
against corona virus in a pandemic
situation. The subject to references were
searched on the internet to find out the
scientific data available on home
Tinospra cordifolia, Azadirachta indica, Curcuma longa,
Ocimum sanctum, Zingiber officinale, are most effective
single herbal drugs used as home remedies for
improving the immunity. In view of the worldwide
disease pandemic situation caused by novel corona virus
disease, that’s way necessary to need make review on
the herbal home remedies to help in the pandemic
situation to fight agonist corona virus.
Summary: Currently, yet no any medicine could be developed to cure COVID-19 and it may take at
least 1-2 years and scientist also utilizing hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19 but could not get
positive response and has side effect. Immune systems in body play an important role to fight against
unhealthy environment and microbes such as virus, bacteria, fungus etc. Since these botanical plants
having low cost, minimum toxicity and almost found everywhere in country, it has potential to e
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