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Impact of screen brightness of the digital devices on Computer vision syndrome(CVS): A Prevalence study
Poster Title: Impact of screen brightness of the digital devices on Computer vision syndrome(CVS): A Prevalence study
Submitted on 15 Nov 2020
Author(s): Salal Khan
Affiliations: Uttar Pradesh University of Medical Sciences Saifai(Etawah)
This poster was presented at India Vision Institute
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Poster Information
Abstract: Aim:
The aim and purpose of this survey based study was to determine the impact of screen brightness of the digital devices on the prevalence of computer vision syndrome, the most prominent symptom of CVS and also to create awareness amongst the optometry students about the harmful effects of digital devices.
Material & Methods:
This cross-sectional questionnaire based study was conducted in the Department of Optometry, Faculty of Paramedical Sciences at UPUMS, Saifai (Etawah) during the month of March-May, 2019. 126 subjects (Optometry students) were enrolled by non-probability convenience sampling procedure and all were subjected to a structured questionnaire and the responses were recorded & evaluated through a statistical Chi-Square test to know the prevalence and the major cause of CVS in those subjects.
It was found that out of 126 subjects (Males=61 & Females=65), 81 (=64.3%) were suffering from CVS and remaining 45 (=35.7%) were normal. The common symptoms including headache, neckache, blurred vision, eye strain, tired eye & watery eyes were observed. It was found that those subjects who were using the visual devices on the auto brightness mode were suffering less (19.8%) from CVS than those using manual brightness modes (69.1%) as well as both (alternate) modes (11.1%).The age group of 19-22 years were having the most people with the symptoms of CVS. Most commonly experienced symptom were Headache (64%, p<0.05), Neck Pain (42%, p<0.05), Tired Eyes (52%, p<0.05) while Dry eyes (16%) was the least commonly experienced symptom.
Persons who use computer continuously for prolonged duration with different type of brightness mode were found to have more severe problem of vision. Ocular symptoms and neckache were less likely if the device was held just below the eye level. So, special care & regime should be followed while using digital devices.
Key words- Computer Vision Syndrome, Visual display brightness, Health and Healthcare education.
Summary: It has been presented at India Vision Institute Chennai during the Virtual Conference 2020, as a poster presentation.
It has included many things regarding digital devices uses, care, and some tips to reduce or eliminate digital eye strain due to excessive use of digital devices.
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