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Improving the quality of radiology requests for CT/MRI head scans in a tertiary neurology centre
Poster Title: Improving the quality of radiology requests for CT/MRI head scans in a tertiary neurology centre
Submitted on 04 Nov 2020
Author(s): Nishita Lal, Mushbiq Manzoor
Affiliations: Sheffield Teaching Hospitals
This poster was presented at BIR 2020
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Poster Information
Abstract: Aim: To improve the quality of CT/MRI head requests from the acute neurology and stroke wards, in line with recommendations from the RCR and the IR(ME)R 2000 (1).

Methods: 150 CT/MRI head requests were analysed (50 pre-intervention, 50 post 1st and 2nd intervention) for the presence of 4 parameters: symptom, site, onset and clinical question/provisional diagnosis. The 1st intervention was posters displayed in the doctor’s office, and the 2nd was stickers applied to computer monitors.

Results: A significant increase in the quality of imaging requests was seen after both interventions. 4 parameters were expected from each request, and 50 were reviewed at each point, aiming for a total of 200 data points at each analysis point. Pre-intervention, 145/200 data points were provided, with only 11/50 requests stating all 4 parameters. After the first intervention, there was a sizeable increase in the number of data points provided, with a total of 169/200 data points and 28 scan requests included all 4 parameters. The second intervention saw a further increase in data points, with a total of 174/200.

Conclusion: Compliance with the above parameters when requesting CT/MRI head scans is important within acute neurology and stroke as a key challenge of the specialty is locating a potential lesion. The quality of scan requests also has a direct impact on the radiology report. This can be easily improved with cheap resources such as posters and stickers, however a more robust system could potentially be to introduce mandatory parameters on the ICE requesting system.
Summary: A quality improvement project assessing the quality of CT/MRI head requests for the presence of site, symptom, onset and clinical question/provisional diagnosis at baseline, and after 2 interventions.References: Royal College of Radiologists. iRefer: RCR referral Guideines 8th Edition London: RCR, 2017 Report abuse »
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