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In Silico Protein Design
Poster Title: In Silico Protein Design
Submitted on 06 Oct 2021
Author(s): Lisa George
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Abstract: Efforts have begun to combine the goals and approaches of computational molecular design and protein sequence analysis to provide tools for the rational mutagenesis and functional modification of proteins. These approaches use analysis of the three-dimensional structure of a protein to guide the selection of appropriate amino acid sequences to create desired properties or functions. The convergence of low-cost, high-speed computers, a tremendous increase in protein structure information, and a growing understanding of the forces that control protein structure has resulted in dramatic advances in the ability to control protein function and structure and to create the truly artificial proteins. Various academic software packages have been developed for in silico protein design.Summary: Proteins mediate many essential processes of life to a degree of functional precision unmatched by any synthetic device. The emerging field of in silico protein design is predicted to provide the next quantum leap in the biotech industry. Having predictive control over protein function and the ability to redefine these functions have driven the field of protein engineering into an era of unprecedented development. References: abuse »
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