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Ion Channel Screening
Poster Title: Ion Channel Screening
Submitted on 25 Jun 2021
Author(s): Macia Brady
Affiliations: Creative Biogene
This poster was presented at creative biogene
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Poster Information
Abstract: Creative Biogene has generated an extensive panel of ion channel screening assays comprising more than 80 ion channel targets and over 200 ion channel assays. In terms of conventional patch clamp electrophysiology, automated electrophysiology, and fluorescence assays, Creative Biogene can offer a wide range of binding and functional assays for ion channel assays to quickly and accurately provide results for drug discovery.
Summary: Creative Biogene is offering ion channel drug screening services. As a well-known expert in this field, our talented scientists with innovative technology platforms are confident in offering high-efficiency service for your discovery programs with the most competitive price.Report abuse »
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