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Key trait screening on global wheat accessions using KASP genotyping markers
Poster Title: Key trait screening on global wheat accessions using KASP genotyping markers
Submitted on 07 Oct 2015
Author(s): Darshna Vyas, Jeff Anthony
Affiliations: LGC Genomics, The University of Adelaide, Hartley Grove,
This poster was presented at International Wheat Conference Sydney 2015
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Poster Information
Abstract: We have successfully screened for valuable QTLs and associated trait
markers in wheat using KASP genotyping.

Comprehensive genotyping data has been presented from global
accessions with a wide range of trait markers. The markers include
many established quality, yield and disease traits adopted in many
commercial accessions, and also new traits that could be beneficial to
new breeding programs. In particular, we have used newly available
disease trait markers where identification has been made possible
due to reduction in the cost of sequencing and the availability of public
databases of wheat sequence information.

The result quality was effected to a degree’ by the extraction method
but not the genotyping. Results from hotshot extracts could be
improved with method optimisation. We were able to identify markers
for a host of different traits for the first time in accessions that had not
previously been tested. We were able to complete all the genotyping
quickly, within a day for 154 samples against the 50 alleles tested.
We have demonstrated a cost-effective and rapid way of screening
for valuable traits.
Summary: Key trait screening on global wheat accessions using KASP genotyping markers
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