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Knowledge of All-Wales Guidelines for IV Contrast Administration in CT: a Regional Survey
Poster Title: Knowledge of All-Wales Guidelines for IV Contrast Administration in CT: a Regional Survey
Submitted on 27 Sep 2019
Author(s): Jacqueline Jeffries, Elisabeth Parks, Bleddyn Woodward, Charles Carder, Katherine Luke, Emily Mayo, Katherine Moore, Lilian Sandu, Imran Siddiqui, Ghali Salahia, James Yeomans, Kieran Foley
Affiliations: RADIANT
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Abstract: Background

Intravenous (IV) contrast is frequently used for computed tomography (CT) examinations. There is conflicting evidence regarding the risks of IV contrast, particularly contrast-induced nephropathy. The Welsh Scientific Advisory Committee (WSAC) has produced a national evidence-based guideline for IV contrast administration in patients with renal impairment. This survey was the first conducted by the Welsh Trainee Collaborative Network and evaluated Clinical Radiologists’ knowledge of the WSAC guidelines.


A 9 question survey was devised by consensus. Radiology consultants and registrars working across four trusts in South Wales were invited to participate and interviewed by members of the trainee network between 24/04/19 and 21/05/19. Responses were collated and compared to the WSAC guidelines.


In total, 34 completed surveys (23 consultants and 11 registrars) from 4 South Wales Health Boards were obtained. Eight participants had no awareness of the WSAC guidelines. Of those who were aware, average confidence applying the guidelines was 3.4/5. The survey revealed a wide variation in IV contrast administration practice across South Wales, both within and between Health Boards.


Although the number of completed surveys was relatively low, this feasibility survey demonstrated a wide variation in standards of knowledge and application of the WSAC guidelines between Radiologists across South Wales. The results indicate the potential impact of a trainee led research and audit network, and highlight the need for education regarding the WSAC guidelines. This survey will provide the basis for a full national audit of the WSAC guidelines.
Summary: See abstractReferences: 1. Welsh Scientific Advisory Committee. Guidance on administration of intravenous contrast medium for renal impairment, 2018.
2. The Radiology Academic Network for Trainees (RADIANT). RCR 2018. Available at: Accessed 02/09/2019
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