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LC-SWATH/MS Metabolomics Platform with Hyphenation of Extraction for the Analysis of Polar and Non-polar Metabolites in Biological Samples
LC-SWATH/MS Metabolomics Platform with Hyphenation of Extraction for the Analysis of Polar and Non-polar Metabolites in Biological Samples
Submitted on 28 Jun 2017

Michel Raetz 1, Renzo Picenoni 2, Guenter Boehm 2, Gérard Hopfgartner 1
1 Life Sciences Mass Spectrometry, Department of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry, University of Geneva, Switzerland; 2 CTC Analytics, Zwingen, Switzerland
This poster was presented at HPLC 2017, Prague
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Poster Abstract
Metabolomics studies are still challenging and technically demanding. Both sample preparation and data acquisition remain the bottlenecks in the measurements. On one hand, due to the large
chemical space of the analytes and their broad dynamic range that need to be dealt with. On the other hand, metabolomics still suffer from limited selectivity due to the structural similarities
within the low molecular weight compounds.
SWATH/MS opened new possibilities within Data Independent Aquisition (DIA) to gain selectivity for -omics studies as all fragments form all precursors in different isolation windows are recorded.
The hyphenated setup allows full automation from sample preparation over chromatography to MS data acquisition and feature annotation. The integrated dual LC configuration with three different
mobile phases enables a broad coverage of the metabolome. Additionally, the online SPE based lipid fractionation allows to equalize the dynamic range of the abundance of lipid classes.

Y. Zhang et al. The Use of Variable Q1 Isolation Windows Improves Selectivity in LC–SWATH–MS Acquisition. J. Proteome Res., 2015.

T. Bruderer et al. In silico prediction for the investigation of comedication interferences in quantitative LC–MS detection in the SRM mode. Bioanalysis. 2012.

R. Bonner et al. SWATH acquisition mode for drug metabolism and metabolomics investigations. Bioanalysis, 2016.
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