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Ligand Design for Target Protein
Poster Title: Ligand Design for Target Protein
Submitted on 04 Apr 2022
Author(s): BOC Sciences
Affiliations: BOC Sciences
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Abstract: The traditional drug discovery and development mainly focuses on directly regulating the activity of proteins or enzymes to treat diseases, mainly through the pharmacological mode of occupancy-driven to control the function of proteins. It is estimated that only 10% of proteins can be regulated by small molecules, and 10% of proteins that can be regulated by biological macromolecules are on the cell surface. And up to 80% of the proteins can't be regulated by existing drugs. Therefore, PROTAC is emerging as a promising technique in the development of therapeutics. Summary: As a leading service provider in drug discovery and development, BOC Sciences is fully qualified and committed to providing one-stop PROTACĀ® development, which has become a promising strategy in the field of small molecular drug discovery. With a comprehensive and advanced platform, we provide Ligand Design for Target Protein to customers around the world to meet new drug discovery goals.References: abuse »
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