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Lignans as preventor of Carcinogens
Poster Title: Lignans as preventor of Carcinogens
Submitted on 31 Mar 2021
Author(s): Purnojyoti Paul and Fatema Tuz Zahura
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Abstract: Cancer is the second leading cause of death worldwide. Although great advancements have been made in the treatment and control of cancer progression, significant deficiencies and room for improvement remain. A number of undesired side effects sometimes occur during chemotherapy. Natural therapies, such as the use of plant-derived products in cancer treatment, may reduce adverse side effects.This review will focus on plant-derived chemical compounds that is used as anticancer agents and will outline its potential mechanism of action.
Summary: Since lignans are easily found in nature and we can use most of the parts of phyllanthus amarus plant for the lignan extraction which is used as a preventor of anti cancer. References: Anti-allodynic and anti-oedematogenic properties of the extract and lignans from Phyllanthus amarus in models of persistent inflammatory and neuropathic pain by Cândida AL Kassuya, Aline A Silvestre, Vera Lúcia G Rehder, João B Calixto European Journal of Pharmacology 478 (2-3), 145-153, 2003
Lignans and Their Derivatives from Plants
as Antivirals
Qinghua Cui 1,2,3,*, Ruikun Du 1,2,3
, Miaomiao Liu 1 and Lijun Rong 4,*
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