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Lung-Disease-Related Mitochondria Studies
Poster Title: Lung-Disease-Related Mitochondria Studies
Submitted on 29 Mar 2022
Author(s): Joe Cohen
Affiliations: Creative Biogene
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Abstract: Mitochondrial dysfunction is rapidly developing as a key pathological feature of early and persistent lung disease. In particular, mitochondria are emerging as central to the pathological processes and clinical phenotypes associated with a range of lung diseases.

Abnormal mitochondrial signaling plays an important role in many lung diseases:

1. Altered mitochondrial biogenesis and mitogenesis
2. Increased mtDNA mutations
3. Abnormal mitochondrial-derived signaling
4. Activation of mtDAMPs
Summary: Creative Biogene works with you to validate and explore the pathogenesis of mitochondria-associated lung diseases and possible interventions, with professional services and products to support your research.References: abuse »
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