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Lyo-ready SuperScript Reverse Transcriptases: High-Performance Lyophilization-Compatible Enzymes for RT-PCR-based assays
Poster Title: Lyo-ready SuperScript Reverse Transcriptases: High-Performance Lyophilization-Compatible Enzymes for RT-PCR-based assays
Submitted on 16 Oct 2018
Author(s): Inga Šerėnaitė, Darius Kavaliauskas, Monika Raižytė, Viktorija Urbonė, Gitana Timofejevaitė, Andrejus Naumovas, Juozas Šiurkus. Thermo Fisher Scientific Baltics UAB, V. A. Graičiūno 8, Vilnius, Lithuania
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Abstract: Nucleic acid detection assays in lyophilized (freezedried) format provide many advantages over conventional wet format in terms of higher stability and lower shipping costs. Conventional formulations of reverse transcriptases (RTs) used for RT-PCR contain up to 50% of glycerol, which serves as a cryoprotectant and stabilizes enzymes for extended periods of time. However, even at such minute concentrations as 0.5%, glycerol can interfere with the lyophilization process. Therefore, most of the conventional enzyme preparations are incompatible with lyophilization. Summary: Thermo Fisher Scientific has developed lyophilization-ready (lyoready) enzyme formulations for Invitrogen™ SuperScript™ IV (SSIV) and SuperScript III (SSIII) RTs that meet high-performance requirements of RT-PCR-based assays. The new lyo-ready RTs are formulated with less than 0.01% of glycerol and retain all inherent characteristics of enzyme preparations with glycerol, thus providing a powerful tool for development of sensitive and reproducible RT-PCR assays in dry formats.References: We would like to thank Eglė Merkienė, Jurgita Rubekina, Dovilė Litvinavičiūtė.
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