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Make Phospholipid Complex
Poster Title: Make Phospholipid Complex
Submitted on 22 Jun 2022
Author(s): Helen
Affiliations: CD Formulation
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Poster Information
The Function of Phospholipid Complexes
Promote Biofilm Absorption

Phospholipids are important components of biological membranes, and the preparation of drugs and phospholipids into complexes can improve the lipid solubility and biomembrane permeability of drugs.

Improve Drug Bioavailability

After the free drug interacts with phospholipids to form a complex, the drug has the advantage of phospholipid, which can improve the drug's absorption in the gastrointestinal tract or percutaneous, thereby increasing the blood drug concentration; on the other hand, phospholipid can play a protective role on the drug, reduce the scavenging effect, so the bioavailability of the drug is significantly improved.
Summary: The combination of drugs and phospholipids to form drug phospholipid complexes can significantly change the solubility and other physical and chemical properties of drugs, thereby promoting drug absorption, enhancing drug pharmacological effects and curative effects, prolonging drug action time, and reducing drug side effects. Insoluble drugs form complexes with phospholipids, which can significantly enhance the lipid solubility of drugs. Although the solubility of drugs in water does not increaReferences: abuse »
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