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Mark Dentures ..... Identify People
Mark Dentures ..... Identify People
Submitted on 26 Dec 2017

Dr. Pranshu Varshney
Dr. Z.A. Dental College, A.M.U., Aligarh
This poster was presented at International conference on Prosthodontics, AMU, Aligarh
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Poster Abstract
Labeled dentures can be important in identifying the owners in case of an accident, loss of memory, states of unconsciousness, being inadvertently misplaced on admission to a hospital or, in identifying the bodies of those who have died in a calamity. Positive identification through labeled dentures plays a key role in forensic scenario. Marking dentures has been considered as an important part of forensic dentistry, although no standardized method is followed. A number of labeling systems are available and can be broadly separated into either surface marking methods or inclusion systems.

Borrman HI, DiZinno JA, Wasén J, René N. On denture marking. J Forensic Odontostomatol. 1999;17:20–6. [PubMed]Report abuse »
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