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Material Chemicals
Poster Title: Material Chemicals
Submitted on 02 Jul 2020
Author(s): Alfa Chemistry
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Abstract: With the development of high technology, the application of materials science and new materials are involved in the following aspects.

Composite materials. This material is the focus of structural materials, including resin-based high-strength, high-modulus fiber composite materials, metal-based composite materials, ceramic-based composite materials and carbon-based composite materials. Surface coating or modification is another kind of composite materials, which has broad prospects for development.
Functional materials and devices combined and tend to become miniaturization and multi-functional. In particular, the development of epitaxial technology and super lattice theory make the preparation of materials and devices can be controlled at the atomic scale which will affect more industries.
The development of low-dimensional materials. Low-dimensional materials possess special properties compared to normal materials. For example, zero-dimensional nano-scale metal particles are electric insulators and absorptive black bodies, making nano-particles with high toughness and super plasticity. The hardness of nano-metal aluminum is 8 times than the bulk aluminum. High-strength organic fibers, optical fiber as a one-dimensional material and diamond films, superconducting films as a two-dimensional material have shown a broad application prospects.
Summary: Material science is the science of researching organizational structure, nature, production process, the use efficiency of materials, and the interrelationship between them and physics, chemistry and metallurgy. Material science is an application science which is inseparable from engineering technology.References: abuse »
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