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MDCT in Mechanical Dysphagia
Poster Title: MDCT in Mechanical Dysphagia
Submitted on 29 Oct 2020
Author(s): Dr.Meghanaa Jayakumar,Dr.B R Nagaraj
Affiliations: Bangalore Medical College,Bangalore,India
This poster was presented at BIR Annual Congress 2020
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Poster Information
Abstract: Background:
Dysphagia refers to a clinical syndrome characterized by a difficulty in swalllowing.Based on the cause and physiology ,it can be classified as structural/mechanical or functional/motor.
MDCT allows for anatomical assessment of hypopharynx and esophagus ,simultaneously providing a global perspective of the the surrounding structures thus aiding in detection,localisation and diagnosis of both intrinsic and extrinsic pathologies.
We retrospectively reviewed CT scans of patients who presented with clinical diagnosis of mechanical dysphagia.

The aim of this poster is to discuss anatomy and physiology of swallowing, the role of multidetector computed tomography (MDCT) in the evaluation of patients with difficulty in swallowing due to obstructive and to describe the CT findings of the disorders that can cause mechanical dysphagia

Findings and Conclusion:
This pictorial review illustrates few pathologies that cause obstructive dysphagia evaluated by MDCT.Malignant tumors of swallowing pathway are the most common cause of structural dysphagia.Other pathologies include diverticula,lesions causing extrinsic compression(involving lymph nodes,lung,thyroid),foreign bodies,infective processes and benign tumors.

MDCT is an excellent examination technique for evaluation of patients with structural dysphagia, particularly useful in detecting pathologies that affect upper aero digestive pathway and thorax including soft tissue,bones and vasculature.
Radiologists must know the differential diagnoses, of pathologies that cause mechanical dysphagia in order to facilitate appropriate management.
Summary: This is a MDCT based pictorial representation of few interesting cases presenting to our radiology department with mechanical dysphagia.References:
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