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Measuring kLa values on the CellMaker Plus
Poster Title: Measuring kLa values on the CellMaker Plus
Submitted on 06 May 2015
Author(s): Cellexus Limited
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Abstract: Measurements of kLa values, namely the volumetric mass-transfer coefficient describing efficiency with
which oxygen can be delivered for a given set of conditions, provides important information about cell
culture bioprocesses. It also provides an efficiency measure of the bioreactor system used. The dissolved oxygen (DO) level is often the limiting substrate in fermentation and cell culture processes.
For bacteria and yeast cultures in particular there is a critical oxygen concentration above which it no longer
limits growth. It is therefore important to be able to maintain DO levels above this critical level by sparging
the bioreactor system with air or pure oxygen. In addition the mass transfer rate of oxygen should be equal
to, or exceed, the rate to which the growing cells take up the oxygen.
Determination of kLa values therefore provides information that enable one to ensure that an adequate
supply of oxygen is available for the most efficient proliferation of the cell culture.
Summary: CellMaker Single use Bioreactor system using the air lift principle and measuring kLa values. References: www.cellexus.comReport abuse »
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