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Membrane Protein Stable Cell Line
Poster Title: Membrane Protein Stable Cell Line
Submitted on 30 Jun 2020
Author(s): Creative Biolabs
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Abstract: To develop the membrane protein-expressing stable cell line, the relative encoding gene
fragments are cloned into lentiviral vectors with antibiotic resistance genes. The generated
recombinant vectors are introduced into mammalian cells. Lentivirus particles packaged in these cells are collected to infect mammalian cell line system. The infected cells are cultivated in medium supplemented with antibiotics. After enlarging cultivation, the
harvested cells are treated with limiting dilution for the screening of stable cells. Single clone
selection is optional. After several rounds of screening, the resulting cells are identified
by Q-PCR. Other identifications such as ELISA, Western blot, FACS are optional. The cells
tested as correct are collected and packaged to stable cell line products.
Summary: Membrane proteins are
common proteins that are part
of, or interact with biological
membranes, which function in
the biological processes,
including acting as intercellular
participating in cell signal transduction/
cell-cell recognition.
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