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Method of obtaining highly effective stable, bioactive nanosized silver hydrosol with less toxicity for use in medicine and nano-oncology
Poster Title: Method of obtaining highly effective stable, bioactive nanosized silver hydrosol with less toxicity for use in medicine and nano-oncology
Submitted on 29 Oct 2021
Author(s): Vram Khachatryan
Affiliations: Method of obtaining nanosilver
This poster was presented at NanoSingapore 2021
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Abstract: Nanoparticles of noble and heavy metals are widely used in medicine in the treatment and diagnosis of cancer. Silver nanoparticles have the ability to penetrate into cancerous tumors of various nature, attach to the surface of the tumor cell, make holes in it, penetrate into the cell and infect the entire cell replication and growth apparatus (DNA, RNA, enzymes, ri-bosomes). In nanomedicine, the toxicology of nanomaterials must be regulated. The physicochemical properties of Ag-NP (for example, size, shape, concentration, agglom-eration, or the interaction of aggregation with the biological system) can cause mitochon-drial dysfunction. To eliminate the negative consequences, it is necessary to use Ag-NP with special properties, for which it is neces-sary to develop an advanced technology for the production of nanosilver with less toxici-ty.
We have developed a new unique method for obtaining a stable bioactive nano-silver hy-drosol for medical purposes. The method ex-cludes the presence of toxic components in the Ag-NP hydrosol, such as ions, oxides, silver hydroxides and various stabilizing sub-stances.
The original electrochemical method for the preparation of Ag-NP hydrosol is as follows:
1. The source of silver is 99.99% pure silver oxide powder.
2. Electrochemical dissolution of silver oxide is carried out in pure electrically activated ionized water / pH = 10 / containing an aque-ous solution of hydrogen peroxide in an amount of 20 mg / l as a catalyst and reduct-ant.
3. The electrolysis is carried out at 45-62V, 2A, for 4-8 hours until the accumulation of silver in the electrolyte in the amount of 100 ppm.
4. Electrolysis is carried out in an electrodi-alyzer, which is a bath asymmetrically divid-ed by a ceramic diaphragm into anode and cathodic zones.
6. After the completion of electrolysis, the Ag-NP hydrosol solution is microwaved in a microwave oven in microwave mode: 800 W, 7-10 minutes / heating to 70-75 ° C / to re-move traces. hydrogen peroxide catalyst.
The technical result of using this method is a decrease in toxicity, a decrease in the size of Ag-NP, an increase in the biological activity and stability of the Ag-NP hydrosol. Ag-NP hydrosol consists of 99.998% pure silver with a size of 0.68 nm. and clean, electrostat-ically charged medical grade water. A feature of the Ag-NPA hydrosol obtained by the proposed method is the stability of the hy-drosol with respect to light and the action of chlorine ions. The hydrosol solution is color-less and odorless, and goes well with other drugs.
It is proposed to use the proposed hydrosol.
Ag-NPA for the treatment of cancer with chemotherapy and magnetic hyperthermia. Due to its small size, Ag-NPA is perfectly adsorbed by supermagnetic nanoparticles of iron oxide Fe3O4, etc. Under microwave irra-diation of the nanomagnetite – nanosilver composite, cancer cells are heated to a tem-perature of 41–43 ° C, which leads to their destruction; In this case, a combined chemi-cal-physical method of influencing cancer cells is used, which increases the effective-ness of treatment.
Keywords: silver nanoparticles, nanotech-nology in medicine, antibacterial, antiseptic, therapeutic effects.
Summary: A method has been developed for obtaining a highly efficient stable bioactive nanosized silver hydrosol with less toxicity for use in medicine and Nano-oncology. A new electrolytic method has been developed for obtaining a stable and biologically active hydrosol of Nano silver with especially small dimensions, which excludes the presence of toxic components in the hydrosol of Ag NPs, such as ions, oxides, silver hydroxides and various stabilizing substances. The properties of the new Nano silverReferences: 1.Barillo D. D., Marx D. E. Silver in medicine: a brief history from 335 BC. E. To the present time. Burns. 2014; 40: S3 - S8.
2.Takamiya A. S., Monteiro D. R., Gorup L. F., Silva E. A., de Camargo E. R., Gomes-Filho J. E., de Oliveira S. H. P., Barbosa D. B. Biocompatible silver nanoparticles incorporated in acrylic resin for dental application inhibit Candida albicans biofilm. Materials Science and Engineering: C. 2021; 118:111341. DOI: 10.1016/j.msec.2020.111341.
3.Nge TT, Nogi M, Suganuma K. Electrical functionality of inkjet-printed silver nanoparticle conductive tracks on nanostructured paper compared with those on plastic substrates. J Materials Chemistry C. 2013;1(34):5235. doi:10.1039/c3tc31220h
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