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Mitochondrial Whole Genome Sequencing
Poster Title: Mitochondrial Whole Genome Sequencing
Submitted on 12 Jan 2022
Author(s): Joe Cohen
Affiliations: Creative Biogene
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Poster Information
Abstract: Mitochondrial whole-genome sequencing uses a high-throughput sequencing platform for mitochondrial whole-genome sequencing of different individuals or groups and bioinformatic analysis at the individual or population level. Mitochondrial whole-genome sequencing can fully explore the genetic variation of mtDNA level, and provide important information for screening disease pathogenic and susceptible genes, studying disease genetic mechanism, evolution, and population genetics.Summary: Based on liquid phase probe hybridization capture technology and multiple PCR amplification technology, Creative Biogene developed two sets of mitochondrial capture schemes for mtDNA capture and combined with the Illumina platform for high-throughput, high-depth sequencing, and finally carried out bioinformatics analysis to provide a solution for mitochondrial genome detection.References: abuse »
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