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MODEL-AD: Characterization of Familial AD Models (5xFAD, APP/PS1, hTau, 3xTg-AD)
Poster Title: MODEL-AD: Characterization of Familial AD Models (5xFAD, APP/PS1, hTau, 3xTg-AD)
Submitted on 14 Aug 2018
Author(s): Adrian Oblak on behalf of the MODEL-AD Consortium
Affiliations: The Jackson Laboratory, Indiana University Stark Neuroscience Institute, Sage Bionetworks, University of California Irvine
This poster was presented at AAIC 2018
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Abstract: Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is the most common form of dementia, without an
effective treatment. Animal models of AD have been valuable tools to
understand familial or early onset AD, but to date have not been predictive for
translational research. The objective of the Model Organism Development
and Evaluation for Late-onset AD (MODEL-AD) Center is to develop, validate,
and distribute novel mouse models of late-onset AD (LOAD) that can be used
to develop novel therapeutics. We have established pipelines to test current
fAD models across three sites and characterize mice using biochemistry,
histology, functional assays and in vivo MRI and PET imaging, to determine a
standard testing paradigm across all sites. MODEL-AD is a consortium
involving Indiana University, The Jackson Laboratory, University of California-
Irvine and Sage Bionetworks.
Summary: Overview of the MODEL-AD characterization of well established Alzheimer's mouse modelsReport abuse »
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