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Moisture Content Determination
Poster Title: Moisture Content Determination
Submitted on 27 Apr 2021
Author(s): Helen Smith
Affiliations: Formulationbio
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Abstract: The production method of solid dosage form includes freeze-drying, fluidized bed drying, compaction, granulation and extrusion. All of these operations depend on the amount of moisture present and the state, moisture also affects the chemical/physical properties of individual active ingredients and excipients. Therefore, accurate determination of moisture content is very important to ensure the quality of drugs.Summary: The presence of moisture will affect the chemical and physical properties of the final product. Excessive moisture can cause the powder particles to agglomerate and make the tablets brittle. Too little moisture can cause tablets to scatter. Powdered excipients may not flow if they are too wet, and some active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) may crystallize or change form if there is too much moisture. References:
Mainali D, Li J, Yehl P, et al. Development of a Comprehensive Near Infrared Spectroscopy Calibration Model for Rapid Measurements of Moisture Content in Multiple Pharmaceutical Products[J]. Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, 2014, 95: 169-175.

Marjanović-Balaban Ž, Jelić D, Antunović V, et al. Determination of Water content in Pharmaceutical Substances[J]. Journal of Hygienic Engineering and Design, 2013.;
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