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Monitoring of FGD Solids with a Macro TGA System
Poster Title: Monitoring of FGD Solids with a Macro TGA System
Submitted on 09 Mar 2015
Author(s): John T. Riley, Mason Marsh, Dennis Lawrenz
Affiliations: Western Kentucky University, LECO Corporation
This poster was presented at Pittcon Conference
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Poster Information
Abstract: Wet-limestone scrubbing has been, and will continue to be, a popular method for many flue gas desulfurization (FGD) systems. A LECO TGA701 macro TGA system was used in a study to characterize the components in various FGD solids. Pure materials, including those listed above, were rst analyzed with the TGA701, followed by the analysis of various mixtures of the pure materials. This study sheds new light on this subject.Summary: The data and analytical results in this study demonstrate the accuracy of the LECO TGA701 mass measurements.References: John T. Riley, Mason Marsh, Dennis LawrenzReport abuse »
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