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Multiplex miRNA Profiling for Biomarker Discovery and Verification Studies Using the FirePlex® Platform
Poster Title: Multiplex miRNA Profiling for Biomarker Discovery and Verification Studies Using the FirePlex® Platform
Submitted on 11 Apr 2019
Author(s): M. Tackett, B. Heinrich, I. Diwan, G. Tejada, C. Rafferty, E. Atabakhsh, and D. Pregibon
Affiliations: Abcam, Inc. One Kendall Square Suite B2304, Cambridge, MA 02139.
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Abstract: We have developed the FirePlex® Technology Platform to address the need for rapid and sensitive biomarker quantitation. Utilizing patented FirePlex hydrogel particles and a three-region encoding design, FirePlex assays allow for true, in-well multiplexing, providing flexible and customizable analyte quantification.

To facilitate miRNA biomarker discovery studies, we offer our standard FirePlex miRNA assays, for quantitation of 5-400 miRNA targets per sample and data acquisition on standard flow cytometers. For miRNA screening studies requiring faster workflows, we offer our high-throughput miRNA assays (miRNA-HT). The high-throughput assays allow for quantitation of 5-36 miRNA targets per sample and assay readout rapidly conducted on high-content imagers.

FirePlex miRNA assay combines particle¬-based multiplexing with single¬ step RT-PCR signal amplification using universal primers. Thus, these assays leverage PCR sensitivity while eliminating the need for separate reverse-transcription reactions and mitigating amplification biases introduced by target¬-specific qPCR. Assay sensitivity is ~1000 miRNA copies per sample, with a linear dynamic range of ~5 logs. Assays can be performed without the need for RNA purification, making the FirePlex ideally suited for profiling in serum, plasma, exosomes, cell culture supernatants, urine, and directly from FFPE and tissues. The ability to multiplex targets in each well eliminates the need to split valuable samples into multiple reactions. Results are displayed and interpreted using the integrated, free-of-charge FirePlex Analysis Workbench.

Panels are available for biomarker discovery studies, as well as for specific research areas of interest. We also provide the option to design fully customizable miRNA panels for any sequence, from any species, at no additional cost.

Here we present the data from several studies investigating circulating miRNA profiles, as well as miRNA profiles obtained directly from FFPE tissues, using the FirePlex miRNA Assay Panels. Together, this novel combination of bioinformatics tools and multiplexed, high¬-sensitivity assays enables rapid discovery and verification of miRNA biomarker signatures from biofluid samples.
Summary: Biomarker discovery and verification with FirePlex® miRNA assays: Breakthrough limitations with FirePlex multiplex miRNA detection directly from biofluid and tissue samplesReport abuse »
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