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Nanoparticles designed for intranasal delivery of siRNA and DNA to brain
Nanoparticles designed for intranasal delivery of siRNA and DNA to brain
Submitted on 08 Feb 2018

Vasyl Sava
University of South Florida
This poster was presented at USF Research day 2018
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Poster Abstract
The overall objective was to develop a nanocarrier system for non-invasive delivery to brain of molecules useful for gene therapy. Following intranasal instillation, Mn-contained nanoparticles (mNP) loaded with DNA or siRNA enhanced 7T MRI images throughout the brain at 24 and 48 hrs. Also, mNPs were shown to be effective in significantly reducing GFP mRNA expression in Tg GFP+ mice in olfactory bulb, striatum, hippo-campus and cortex. This approach for delivery of gene therapies will have a significant impact on disease-modifying therapeutics of neurodegenerative diseases.
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