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Nanotechnology Advancement in Electronic Circuit Flat Panel Display Technology – A Review
Poster Title: Nanotechnology Advancement in Electronic Circuit Flat Panel Display Technology – A Review
Submitted on 13 Dec 2017
Author(s): Noor Faezah Ismail, Nurul Amziah Md Yunus*, Izhal Abdul Halin and Nasri Sulaiman
Affiliations: Universiti Putra Malaysia
This poster was presented at 2017 IEEE CAS Malaysia Chapter Networking High Tea
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Poster Information
Abstract: Electronic flat panel display devices are the important role in information sharing as they are used in our everyday life in different applications. Nanotechnology comprises graphene and CNT, an emerging approach to upgrade flat panel displays, improves the performance features in thinness, brightness, contrast ratio, viewing angle, longevity, size, weight, power consumption and quality. Two display, OLED and LCD technologies are studied. Each of these emerging display technologies has their own uniqueness in their fabrication methods, in which could substitute ITO and hence provide novel features such as foldability and flexibility.
Summary: Two displays, OLED and LCD technologies are studied. Report abuse »
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