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Natural Products as a Source of Eco-Friendly Immunity Boosting Compounds
Poster Title: Natural Products as a Source of Eco-Friendly Immunity Boosting Compounds
Submitted on 17 Aug 2020
Author(s): Apurba Gohain1, Ajay Sharma2
Affiliations: 1Department of Chemistry, Assam University Silchar- 788011 2Department of Chemistry, Chandigarh University, Punjab (India)-140413.
This poster was presented at Conference organized by IQAC, Sibsagar College, Joysagar
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Abstract: Immune system is the most vital defensive system of our body which protect our body from attacks but when compromised, it can give rise to the a large number of chronic illnesses which conventional medicine has not adequately addressed. Now a days the modulating immune response concept is studied a lot. However, the clinical use of chemically synthesized immuno stimulants & suppressants are either cytotoxic or even caused fatalities. Conversely, plant mediated drugs are used by
the people to treat various diseases because of its lesser toxicity, low cost and better conjugation with the biological system. Several plant species or plant formulation have been frequently used in traditional medicine to treat disorders of the immune system, also help to boost immunity, and thus represent a source for potential natural immunity booster. In this current article, we are representing the mechanism of immunity system
and a great detail about the plant mediated immunity boosting compound, its botanical identification, mode of action and species distribution.
Summary: The study revealed that above mentioned species contains a wide
range of phytochemicals and due to this it shows a large number of
immunity boosting activities. The alkaloids, flavones, essential oils, polyphenolic compounds etc. were the major constituents present in the different extracts, which were mainly responsible for their immunity boosting activity. Moreover, the in vivo model studies will further help to investigate the superiority of these extracts.
References: 1. Jantan, Ahmad, and Bukhari,
“Plant-Derived Immunomodulators: An
Insight on Their Preclinical Evaluation and Clinical Trials.”
2. Shrestha et al.,
“Phytochemical Screening of the Medicinal Plants of
Figure 1. Ayurveda measure for immunity boosting Nepal.”
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