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New Aspects In Molecular Biology Of  Keratoacanthoma {KA}: Would It Help In Distinguishing Between KA & SCC ?
Poster Title: New Aspects In Molecular Biology Of Keratoacanthoma {KA}: Would It Help In Distinguishing Between KA & SCC ?
Submitted on 18 Feb 2020
Author(s): Amal Mostafa Sayed
Affiliations: Master’s Candidate At Oral Pathology Department Faculty Of Dentistry, Cairo University.
This poster was presented at Annual scientific day of oral pathology department , faculty of dentistry cairo univerisity
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Abstract: Keratoacanthomas (KA) are common but exceptional benign tumors, often appearing on sun-exposed areas of light skinned people and showing spontaneous resolution. Relying on recent results, KA is assumed to be an individual lesion with a unique molecular signature caused by alterations in the TGF-β signaling pathway. These recent findings will help to understand the nature of KA and to develop new reliable diagnostic tools, simplifying the discrimination of the histologically similar KA and SCC.

Summary: The etiology of Keratoacanthoma (KA) involves many different factors, of which giving rise to a broad spectrum of KA variants. Genetic predisposition or spontaneous formation adds another level to the complex classification system of KA. Today, it has been concluded that SCC and the benign neoplasm KA are two distinct entities, References: 1-Gleich, Tobias, et al. "Keratoacanthoma: a distinct entity?." Experimental dermatology 25.2 (2016): 85-91.‏

2-Kwiek, Bartlomiej, and Robert A. Schwartz. "Keratoacanthoma (KA): an update and review." Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology 74.6 (2016): 1220-1233.‏

3-Takai, Toshihiro. "Advances in histopathological diagnosis of keratoacanthoma." The Journal of dermatology 44.3 (2017): 304-314.‏
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