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Next-Generation Sequencing Based on htDNA-chip®
Poster Title: Next-Generation Sequencing Based on htDNA-chip®
Submitted on 04 Jan 2022
Author(s): Matt Mills
Affiliations: CD BioSciences
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Abstract: DNA sequencing refers to the analysis of the base sequence of specific DNA fragments, namely the arrangement of adenine (A), thymine (T), cytosine (C) and guanine (G). The emergence of rapid DNA sequencing methods can greatly promote the research and discovery of biology and medicine.Summary: The htDNA-chip® technology platform can synthesize millions of specific nucleotide chains in a single run to meet your needs. htDNA-chip® can help prepare next-generation sequencing libraries quickly and efficiently, covering the whole-genome sequencing, RNA sequencing, targeted sequencing, exome sequencing, microbial sequencing, mitochondrial sequencing, and so on.References: abuse »
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