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Non-pharmacological Preoperative Anxiety Treatments In Pediatric Anesthesia
Poster Title: Non-pharmacological Preoperative Anxiety Treatments In Pediatric Anesthesia
Submitted on 15 Apr 2018
Author(s): Kameko Edgecombe
Affiliations: Nova Southeastern University
This poster was presented at AAAA Conference 2018
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Poster Information
Abstract: Preoperative anxiety in pediatric populations has been correlated with many adverse outcomes including increased pain, prolonged recovery, and maladaptive behaviors that can last from weeks to months or even into adulthood. The current use of pharmacological treatments can be difficult in terms of timing, predictability, and administration. As well, there is some question about the long-term consequences of the side effects on phobias, stress coping, and emotional or behavioral development. This literature review seeks to compare and contrast the efficacy of relatively low cost non-pharmacological anxiety treatments, so that children and their families have more favorable short and long-term outcomes.Summary: A literature review that looks at the current non-pharmalogical preoperative anxiety treatments for children. References: Aydin, G. B., Yuksel, S., Ergil, J., Polat, R., Akelma, F. K., Ekici, M., . . . Odabas, O. (2017). The effect of play distraction on anxiety before premedication administration: a randomized trial. Journal of Clinical Anesthesia, 36, 27-31.
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Kain, Z. N., Fortier, M. A., Chorney, J. M., & Mayes, L. (2015, April). Web-Based Tailored Intervention for Preparation of Pa
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