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“Normal Values of Spleen Size by US in Egyptian neonates, and Infants”
Poster Title: “Normal Values of Spleen Size by US in Egyptian neonates, and Infants”
Submitted on 09 Sep 2019
Author(s): abdlnby Biomi
Affiliations: egypt
This poster was presented at BIR November conference 2019
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Abstract: The established normal parameters can be used to determine the pathologic changes in the size of the spleen in routine US ex. in this population. The methods of measurement and analysis used in this study are standardized and easy to apply. Findings are handy and reliable and are suitable particularly for US units with large numbers of patients. A longitudinal dimension of the spleen should primarily be correlated with patient height and findings to be compared with tables of normal parameters. Summary: Sonography provides a quick as assessment of spleen dimensions without any risk of radiation. The normal range of spleen sizes in children determined with sonography has been reported elsewhere. However, available data are limited for the spleen in children, which causes difficulty in defining hepatomegaly and splenomegaly sonographically. Our purpose was primarily to document the normal range of dimensions of the spleen in children. References: Konus OL, et al, Celik H, Isik S. Normal liver, spleen and kidney dimension in neonates, infants: evaluation with sonography. AJR. 1998;171:1693–1698. Megremis SD, Vlachonikolis IG, Tsilimigaki AM. Spleen length in childhood with US: normal values based on age, sex, and somatometric parameters. Radiology. 2004;231:129–134. Mittal R, Chowdhary DS. A pilot study of the normal measurements of the liver and spleen by ultrasonography in the Rajasthani population. Journal of Clinical,Diagnostic Research. 2010;4(4):2733– 2736. Dhingra B, Sharma S, Mishra D, Kumari R, Pandey RM. Aggarwal S Normal values of liver and spleen by ultrasonography in Indian children. Indian Pediatrics. 2010;47:487–492. Report abuse »
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