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Novel Method for the Detection of Glucose Uptake: Direct Measurement of Glucose Levels in Cultured Cells
Poster Title: Novel Method for the Detection of Glucose Uptake: Direct Measurement of Glucose Levels in Cultured Cells
Submitted on 14 Mar 2018
Author(s): Kevin Yan1,2 , Shunan Li1 , Yuan Lin1 , Sonika Saddar1 , Grigoriy Tchaga1 , Gordon Yan1
Affiliations: 1 BioVision Inc., 155 S. Milpitas Blvd., Milpitas, CA 95035. email: Phone: 408-493-1831 2 Henry M. Gunn High School, 780 Arastradero Road, Palo Alto, CA 94306.
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Abstract: Glucose uptake is the transport process of glucose from the outside of cells into cells
across the cell membrane. It is one of the key regulatory steps of glucose metabolism.
Study of glucose uptake provides important information for understanding glucose
metabolism and its regulation in normal and disease development. Here we report the
development of a novel glucose uptake detection method based on direct
measurement of glucose levels in cultured cells. In this method, we utilized the
inhibitor, 3-bromopyruvate (3BP), to temporarily inhibit hexokinases, the first enzyme
that metabolizes glucose in cells. Thus, glucose metabolism was blocked, which leads
to glucose accumulation rather than its rapid metabolism inside the cells. Glucose
uptake was then detected by direct measurement of the glucose levels inside of the
cells using Glucose Oxidase/HRP/OxiRedTM enzyme based method. In comparison with
current widely used methods, this direct glucose uptake detection method has the
following advantages: i) No radioisotope materials are used; ii) Glucose uptake directly
detected glucose without using structurally modified glucose derivatives; iii) Glucose
from culture medium is transported inside of cells, and then detected with minimum
culture condition changes and washing steps. This simple, sensitive and direct
glucose uptake detection method provides a powerful tool for studying the process of
glucose uptake and its regulation, as well as for screening and characterization of
drugs that regulate glucose uptake during normal and disease development.
Summary: A novel glucose uptake detection method is developed. The new method provides a very
useful tool for the study of glucose uptake, metabolic diseases, as well as study of cell
signaling that regulate glucose uptakes, and screening drugs that stimulate or inhibit
glucose uptake.
The method has been developed and commercialized as a product. For more information,
visit Direct Glucose Uptake Assay Kit, Cat# K924-100
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