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Old Dog, New Tricks: A Practical Approach to Incorporating Thoracic Radiology into Anatomy Teaching
Poster Title: Old Dog, New Tricks: A Practical Approach to Incorporating Thoracic Radiology into Anatomy Teaching
Submitted on 16 Sep 2016
Author(s): Dr Shane Davy, Dr Walid El Kininy, Dr Denis Barry
Affiliations: Trinity College, Dublin
This poster was presented at BIR Annual Congress 2016
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Poster Information
Abstract: Introduction
Anatomy educators are increasing their utilisation of radiology in anatomy education in line with clinical need. The aims of this study were to integrate radiology into anatomy practicals delivered to first year medical students at our institution.
Materials and Methods
The study took place over a four week period during thoracic anatomy sessions taught to first year medical students. Self-directed radiological presentations were uploaded to monitors at each station. During practicals, students rotated between radiology, osteology/plastic models and cadaveric material. Radiology content was taught in practical sessions by doctors with clinical radiology experience.
Radiological presentations pertaining to X-Rays, MRI, CT, and angiography were successfully integrated into anatomy practicals.
In this poster, we demonstrate a transferrable model for integrating radiology into anatomy practical sessions in a time efficient manner. This functional approach to amalgamating radiology into thoracic anatomy teaching without placing further stain on existing anatomy resources will enhance thoracic anatomy and radiology knowledge amongst undergraduates thereby reacting to clinical need.
Summary: In this poster we detail a practical approach to incorporating radiology into a thoracic anatomy course delivered to first year medical students.References: Caswell, F.R., A. Venkatesh, and A.R. Denison, Twelve tips for enhancing anatomy teaching and learning using radiology. Med Teach, 2015. 37(12): p. 1067-71.
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