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Oligo Pools Based on htDNA-chip®
Poster Title: Oligo Pools Based on htDNA-chip®
Submitted on 03 Jan 2022
Author(s): Matt Mills
Affiliations: CD BioSciences
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Poster Information
Abstract: Oligonucleotide refers to a very short single or double-stranded fragment of nucleic acid that can be joined together to form a single-stranded biopolymer. Oligo Pools are customizable genomic research products polymerized from various oligonucleotide fragments, playing an important role in gene synthesis, next-generation sequencing, library preparation, and so on.Summary: htDNA-chip® technology platform enables exclusive oligo pools customization, which enables the simultaneous synthesis of millions of oligonucleotide sequences on a silicon-based chip in a single run. References: abuse »
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