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On-chip quantification of miRNA using digital droplet PCR
Poster Title: On-chip quantification of miRNA using digital droplet PCR
Submitted on 13 May 2014
Author(s): Q. Cai1, R.S. Wiederkehr1, B. Jones1, B. Majeed1, T. Stakenborg1, P. Fiorini1, L. Lagae1, M Tsukuda2, T. Matsuno2, I. Yamashita2
Affiliations: 1Life Science Technologies, Imec, Kapeldreef 75, Heverlee, Belgium 2Advanced Technology Research Laboratory, Panasonic Corporation, Kyoto Japan
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Abstract: Recent advances show that miRNA has a great potential in diagnostics. Several studies demonstrate that the expression profile of miRNAs, which are short (18-22 nucleotides) but powerful regulators of a wide range of biological processes, can aid in distinguishing between healthy and diseased patients. As these regulators are detectable in peripheral blood, they can perfectly serve as blood-based biomarkers. An interesting way to profile miRNAs involves the use of lab-on-chip tools, which allow automated quantification. Therefore, it is of interest to implement miRNA release, reverse transcription (RT) and detection of miRNA into a single microfluidic device or chip. As digital droplet PCR (ddPCR) has shown to be more accurate and has an improved reproducibility compared to regular qPCR, microfluidic chips for ddPCR as well as for thermal lysis and RT were fabricated using in house silicon technology. Summary: miRNAs have a great potential in diagnostics. Hence, automated profiling of miRNAs are of great interest. In-house technology show that it is possible to implement a multiplexing assay for miRNAs on a microfluidic chip using digital droplet PCR.References: Arroyo, J. D., Chevillet, J. R., Kroh, E. M., Ruf, I. K., Pritchard, C. C., Gibson, D. F., … Tewari, M. (2011). Argonaute2 complexes carry a population of circulating microRNAs independent of vesicles in human plasma. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 108(12), 5003–5008. doi:10.1073/pnas.1019055108
Hindson, C. M., Chevillet, J. R., Briggs, H. a, Gallichotte, E. N., Ruf, I. K., Hindson, B. J., … Tewari, M. (2013). Absolute quantification by dropl
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