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Optical Microchip Sensors for Multiplexed Detection of Biological Pathogens
Poster Title: Optical Microchip Sensors for Multiplexed Detection of Biological Pathogens
Submitted on 19 Dec 2013
Author(s): D. Bhatta, A. Michel, M. Marti Villalba, G. D. Emmerson, I. J. G Sparrow, M. B. McDonnell, E. A. Perkins , R. W. Ely and G. A. Cartwright
Affiliations: Stratophase
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Abstract: Sensitivity to biological agents is conferred by functionalising individual sensing regions with different antibodies selected against various targets of interest. Antigen binding to the surface-immobilised antibodies results in localised changes in refractive index, which manifest as increases in wavelength of light reflected from the sensor chip. Real-time detection of multiple bio-hazardous agents including bacterial cells/spores, viruses and toxins has been demonstrated. This multi-analyte capability, coupled with its inherent robustness, portability and ease of use highlights the potential use of SpectroSens technology in applications ranging from bio-hazard detection for security and defence purposes to point-of-care medical diagnostics.Summary: SpectroSens, a multi-channel optical microchip sensor system suitable for rapid, label-free multiplexed detection of a wide range of bio-hazardous agents is presented. Optical chips containing multiple high-precision planar Bragg gratings are exploited as low-cost, robust refractive index sensors.Report abuse »
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