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Optimized Workflow for Single Cell Copy Number Profiling Using High Resolution Oligo CGH Arrays
Poster Title: Optimized Workflow for Single Cell Copy Number Profiling Using High Resolution Oligo CGH Arrays
Submitted on 09 Apr 2015
Author(s): Scott Basehore, Paula Costa, Natalia Novoradovskaya, Anniek De Witte, Stephanie Fulmer-Smentek
Affiliations: Agilent Technologies Genomics
This poster was presented at ASHG
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Abstract: The ability to characterize individual genomes in single cells is very important in pre-implantation genetics research. Traditional FISH and PCR based techniques, and more recently BAC arrays, have been used to provide insights into a single cell’s genome, with low resolution due to the limited number of loci that can be analyzed simultaneously. Here we describe GenetiSure Pre-Screen, a same day, cost-effective, analysis workflow (Figure 1) that combines whole genome amplification (WGA) with copy number (CN) profiling using high-resolution oligo CGH microarrays.Summary: Proof-of-principle data generated with Agilent’s GenetiSure Pre-Screen Amplification and Array CGH SolutionReport abuse »
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