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Oral Soft Tissue Lumps and Bumps
Poster Title: Oral Soft Tissue Lumps and Bumps
Submitted on 22 Feb 2019
Author(s): Dr. Amal Hassan Zakarya, Sarah Ahmed Mohamed, Noura Mohamed Kamal, Heba Ahmed Saleh
Affiliations: Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology department, Faculty of dentistry, Cairo University
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Abstract: Oral soft tissue swellings can involve any part of the oral mucous membrane. They could be caused by local irritation, infection or could represent a benign or malignant neoplasm. The color of a particular swelling is indicative of the constituents of such swelling. Our work is introducing a schematic differentiation among the different oral soft tissue swellings in reference to: their color, clinical behavior, histopathology and immunohistochemistry.Summary: The work presents a systematic thinking to reach a definite diagnosis of an oral soft tissue swellingReferences: El-Naggar, A. K. (Ed.). (2017). WHO Classification of Head and Neck Tumours. International Agency for Research on Cancer.‏
Woo, S. (2017). Oral pathology: a comprehensive atlas and text, Elsevier, 2nd edition, China.
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