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Osteolytic jaw lesions
Poster Title: Osteolytic jaw lesions
Submitted on 22 Feb 2019
Author(s): Dr. Amal Hassan Zakarya, Sarah Ahmed Mohamed, Noura Mohamed Kamal, Heba Ahmed Saleh, Ali Abd Elwahed
Affiliations: Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology department, Faculty of dentistry, Cairo University
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Poster Information
Abstract: An osteolytic jaw lesion in radiograph is not essentially related to a neoplasm. However, it could be also related to a cyst, bone disease or even a spread of infection. Our poster is presenting a systematic thinking upon interpreting a radiograph with an osteolytic jaw lesion to reach a proper and concised differential diagnosis.Summary: The poster presenting a schematic radiographic differential diagnosis of radiolucent jaw lesionsReferences: Neville, B. W., Damm, D. D., Allen, C. M., & Chi, A. C. (2015). Oral and maxillofacial pathology. Elsevier Health Sciences.‏
White, S. C., & Pharoah, M. J. (2014). Oral radiology: principles and interpretation. Elsevier Health Sciences.‏
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