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Pan-sharpening to improve spatial resolution of optical remote sensing with examples from Landsat-8 (30m/15m)
Poster Title: Pan-sharpening to improve spatial resolution of optical remote sensing with examples from Landsat-8 (30m/15m)
Submitted on 13 Aug 2015
Author(s): Quinten Vanhellemont and Kevin Ruddick
Affiliations: Royal Belgian Institute for Natural Sciences
This poster was presented at International Ocean Color Science Meeting
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Poster Information
Abstract: Many satellite remote sensing missions designed for land or meteorological applications are designed with a broad “panchromatic” band with higher spatial resolution than the standard multispectral bands. At one extreme the very high spatial resolution Pléiades mission gives 2.8 m multispectral data and 70 cm panchromatic data on demand. At the other extreme the geostationary SEVIRI sensor gives data every 15
minutes (5 minutes in Rapid Scan mode over Europe) with a spatial resolution at nadir (0°, 0°) of 3x3 km for the red (0.6μm) band and 1x1 km for the panchromatic band. The present study investigates the exploitation of these very broad spectral bands for improving the spatial resolution of maps of suspended particulate matter, with a focus on the Landsat-8 30 m multispectral and 15 m panchromatic bands.
Summary: This poster describes and validates a method for improving the spatial resolution of Landsat-8 data over water using the 15m panchromatic band.References: Neukermans et al (2012). Diurnal variability of turbidity and light attenuation in the southern North Sea from the SEVIRI geostationary sensor. Remote Sensing of the Environment 124, 564-580.

Dogliotti et al. (2015). A single algorithm to retrieve turbidity from remotely-sensed data in all coastal and estuarine waters. Remote Sensing of the Environment 156, 157–168.

Vanhellemont & Ruddick (2015). Advantages of high quality SWIR bands for ocean colour processing: Examples from Landsat-8. Remote Sensing of the Environment 161, 89–106.
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