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Peripheral Opioid Receptor Antagonists Decrease Post-operative Ileus While Sparing Analgesic Efficacy
Peripheral Opioid Receptor Antagonists Decrease Post-operative Ileus While Sparing Analgesic Efficacy
Submitted on 21 Apr 2018

Nastassia Baltodano
Nova Southeastern University
This poster was presented at American Academy of Anesthesiologist Assistants
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Poster Abstract
The purpose of opioids is to diminish the signaling of pain reception to the brain from nociceptors. While these analgesic properties offer post-operative pain relief, negative side effects such as chronic dependency with the risk of withdrawal as well as opioid induced constipation occur. Innovative research has produced drugs such as methylnaltrexone and alvimopan, which are mu opioid receptor antagonist, that can be coupled with opioids to attenuate possible side effects. With adverse effects being greatly diminished, the beneficial analgesics properties of administering opioids can be sustained by restricting its viability solely within the central nervous system.

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