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Photo chemical speed dating
Poster Title: Photo chemical speed dating
Submitted on 19 Mar 2020
Author(s): Clemens R. Horn, Guillaume Gauron
Affiliations: Corning European Technology Center
This poster was presented at CC FLOW Open Days
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Abstract: Classical batch photochemistry is characterized by a light source – normally mercury based – dipped into a reaction vessel. This setup requires filters and/or a set of different light sources to do a screening: for example finding the ideal wavelength, or as in this study the ideal pair of wavelength and photosensitizer.

The Corning® Advanced-Flow™ Lab Reactor with the Lab Photo Reactor add-on allows screening with just two sets of LED panels containing multiple wavelengths.
Summary: One important parameter a photo oxidation is the photosensitizer. In photo flow chemistry setup with LED it is important to choose the right wavelength in order to have high conversions. We screened 9 sensitizers and 10 defined wavelength and white light using the oxidation of citronellol as test reaction. The results are presented .Report abuse »
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