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Praziquantel lipid nanocapsules: An oral nanotherapeutic for potential schistosoma mansoni targeting
Poster Title: Praziquantel lipid nanocapsules: An oral nanotherapeutic for potential schistosoma mansoni targeting
Submitted on 05 Nov 2022
Author(s): Rokaya O Amara,1,2 Alyaa A Ramadan,1 Riham M El-Moslemany,1 Maha M Eissa,3 Mervat Z El-Azzouni,3 and Labiba K El-Khordagui1
Affiliations: 1Department of Pharmaceutics, Faculty of Pharmacy, Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt, ge.ude.uxela@nadamar.aayla 2Biotechnology Research Center, Tripoli, Libya 3Department of Medical Parasitology, Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt Correspondence: Alyaa A Ramadan, Department of Pharmaceutics, Faculty of Pharmacy, Alexandria University, 1 Khartoum Square, Azarita, Alexandria 21521, Egypt, Tel +20 12 2115 1295, Fax +20 3 487 3273, Email ge.ude.uxela@nadamar.aayla
This poster was presented at Conference: 17th Arab International Conference on Material ScienceAt: Institute of Graduate Studies and Research-Egypt
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Poster Information
Abstract: Oral praziquantel (PZQ) is currently the exclusive treatment
of schistosomiasis. Despite efficacy, PZQ therapy has
several limitations, mainly poor bioavailability and short
half-life (0.8-1.5 h) which necessitates administration of a
relatively large dose[1]
. Research efforts are needed to
further enhance PZQ efficacy for dose reduction. The
objective of the present study was to develop a PZQ
nanomedicine with enhanced oral bioavailability and efficacy
using lipid nanocapsules (LNC) as nanovectors.
Summary: PZQ-LNCs proved stable in simulated GIT fluids for 6 h
• Nano-objects possibly related to PZQ-LNCs appeared on the tegument of
blood flukes providing a proof of concept for intestinal transport of native
• Lack of PK/PD correlation
Combined findings point to the dependence of activity on structural integrity
of PZQ-LNCs post oral absorption
Thus, PZQ-LNCs may present oral targeted nanovectors for effective
antischistosomal therapy in a reduced dose.
In v
References: 1. Olliaro, P., Delgado-romero, P. & Keiser, J. 2014. The little we know about the
pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of praziquantel. Journal of
Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, 69, 863-870.
2. Heurtault B,et al., (2002) A novel phase inversion-based process for the
preparation of lipid nanocarriers. Pharm Res 19(6): 875-880.
3. Roger E, Lagarce F, Benoit JP (2009) The gastrointestinal stability of lipid
nanocapsules. Int J Pharm 379(2): 260-265.
4. Eissa, M. M., El-moslemany, R. M., Ramadan. A.A., Amer, E. I., El-azzouni,
M. Z. & El-khordagui, L. K. 2015b. Miltefosine Lipid Nanocapsules for Single
Dose Oral Treatment of Schistosomiasis Mansoni: A Preclinical Study. PLoS
One, 10, e0141788.
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