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Preparation Of Fenofibrate Nanosuspension By Combined Stirred Media Milling
Poster Title: Preparation Of Fenofibrate Nanosuspension By Combined Stirred Media Milling
Submitted on 11 Jun 2016
Author(s): sandip gite, Vandana Patravale, Amit Mirani, vinod Ghodake
Affiliations: Senior research fellow
This poster was presented at CRS IC
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Poster Information
Abstract: In recent years, the number of poorly soluble drug entities coming out of drug discovery has increased significantly. These molecules demand utilization of different approaches to increase their solubility and/or dissolution rate and thus oral bioavailability. Fenofibrate (FNB) is a lipophillic drug used in hypercholesterolemia and hypertriglyceridemia having log P 5.375, low solubility (practically insoluble in water) and low oral bioavailability (36%). Summary: This work provides a simple empirical tool using various drug-stabilizer interactions for rational selection of stabilizers. Efficient particle size reduction requires use of stabilizers that provide proper wetting of drug. Stabilizers that minimally affect intrinsic aqueous solubility of FNB resulted in lower mean particle size with better short term stability.References: A. Bhakay, M. Merwade, E. Bilgili, R.N. Dave, Novel aspects of wet milling for the production of microsuspensions and nanosuspensions of poorly water soluble drugs, Drug Dev. Ind. Pharm. 37 (2011) 963–976Report abuse »
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