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process improvement of QC procedure
Poster Title: process improvement of QC procedure
Submitted on 05 Jun 2021
Author(s): satish ramanathan, srinivas chakravarthy, smitha.s, thirumalai.n
Affiliations: MIOT Hospitals
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Abstract: Lean and sigma are widely "talked about" quality improvement tools across spectra of industries wherein medical testing laboraty is no exception. Though there is a global out reach from various segments to spread awareness about how to utilise lean and sigma in total testing process of a clinical laboratory; a few laboratories have adopted these approaches to the daily practice. This might be due to lack of understanding of where to and whether to implement these mighty concepts in the work process.
An attempt to revisit the basics of lean and sigma reveals a striking fact that these concepts are as simple as any other tool in use for quality monitoring and improvement. Lean concept sits on a foundation of "reducing waste" and sigma does rely on "detecting and reducing errors"
Though the duo have been seen as seperate entities, a laboratorian should understand that these concepts shall be looked at tandem and be implemented as conjoints in lab practice.
one such inveitable and essential area of need with respect to want of lean and sigma is QC related work process. There is a huge investment, a laboratory makes interms of man power, material,, money and time; among which 60 to 70% of man power and time is wasted in documentation of the QC procedure and the relavant records respectively.
Inspite of this humongous allocation by resource; the work process suffers in terms of productivity and through magnitude of errors especially due to manual intervention most commonly encountered in recording of the QC work process.
In our study, we have attempted to reduce the manual intervention thereby increasing the chance of reducing the errors (SIGMA) and eliminationg the waste (Lean) of time and man power resources. This was made possible through availability of automated QC software provided by Bio-Rad which has immense capability of supplementing man power thorugh automation and thereby providing oppurtunity to the laboratory to redistribute the man power and thereby creating an immense potential to increase the productivity.
Summary: QC procedure is a requirement for ensuring patient safety in a medical testing laboratory.. As per ISO 15189, the laboratory shall design, implement and record all steps of QC procedure. But this involves manual transcription and man power and this increases the risk of missing / wrong data recording of vital information. Hence automation of QC procedure has become the need of the hour to reduce transcriptional errors and improve the productivity of man powerReferences: CLSI C24-ED4: 2016 statistical quality control for quantitative measurement procedures: principles and definitions;a guideline-4th edition
ISO 15189:2012: International standard for quality and competence of medical laboratories
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